We deliver innovative centralized waste management solutions for clients across Canada. Our cutting-edge cloud-based technologies, KPIs, data tracking and reporting, provide visibility and control to every level of the organization. We are committed to our client’s environmental goals and support government compliance to keep up to date with sustainability regulations.



Exclusive and impactful solutions that improve your business.


Truthful and ethical conduct towards your needs.


Designed to achieve your goals by reducing complexity and time.


Persistence, and sustained effort in accomplishing your sustainability goals.


Processes and procedures that regulate, guide, and protect your organization’s information.


FOSTR is a qualified, experienced and reliable partner, targeting the clients’ social and environmental needs customizing solutions and developing strategies and technologies to achieve corporate sustainability initiatives.

Full Transparency Consulting Solutions

Full Transparency Consulting Solutions

Our insights, advice, data and tools help develop strategic account management solutions and enable a seamless shift from program success and service to vendor improvement.

Efficient Program Evaluation

Efficient Program Evaluation

Effective strategies, and methodologies that bring resolution to operational challenges, accurately managing service levels, equipment selection and cost.
Innovation-Precision-Accurate Reporting

Innovation, Precision & Accurate Reporting

Innovation, Precision & Accurate Reporting

Solutions that ensure invoice accuracy, precise program execution and accurate reporting.

Technology, Visibility & Control

Technology, Visibility & Control

A comprehensive customized cloud-based platform that enables visibility, remote and specialized control at every level of your organization.

Design & Media Strategy

Design & Media Strategy

RFP design, development, sourcing and buying analysis resulting in proper vendor selection, plus the ability to perform media strategy and branding development.
Government Compliance-Sustainability

Government Compliance & Sustainability

Government Compliance & Sustainability

Support on sustainability government compliance to achieve current and future sustainability goals.


Residential Retail​

Commercial Retail

Oil & Gas



Discover how we can help your organization with innovative waste management solutions.

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